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Retirement Investing and capital growth is a very important topic, especially as more and more people are discovering that pensions and retirement plans are not part of employee benefits. As people worldwide lost their retirements in the banking crisis and global recession, personal investment in your retirement plan is not something that you can afford to ignore.

Our website can help you plan your retirement investing and retirement savings plan with a direct focus on both of these important topics. To help you plan for your retirement we offer a handful of free retirement savings calculator tools that will allow you to see your calculations in a graphical presentation. The visual graphs make it much easier to see how your retirement investing should be spread out so that your retirement savings grow twofold. With our retirement savings calculator you will easily be able to modify and adapt parameters so that your retirement investment needs are met.

Retirement Investing: 401K Calculator

Chart for 401k and Traditional IRA Calculator
Retirement Investing: 401k Calculator

Unless you happen to have been born independently wealthy (in which case you likely will not be on this website) there is little doubt that you are concerned about how to finance your retirement as the years continue to put you closer towards retirement age. As the age for retirement continues to increase and many people are unwillingly finding themselves forced to work through their golden years, there is real concern for creating the perfect retirement plan that will help you out in your later years.

If you are like many, you may be confused about which type of retirement plan is really the best choice for you. This is where the Retirement Savings Calculator can come in handy as it allows you to stimulate the predicted results of each potential retirement plan so that you can see results before making a final choice. One of the most beneficial features of the Retirement Savings Calculator is the fact that it allows you to compare the results side by side on a graphical chart so that you can clearly see how the retirement plans compare.

At the moment we are able to offer you Retirement Savings Calculator tools to help estimate and predict the growth of all types of different common and uncommon retirement plans including a 401k Calculator, a Traditional IRA Calculator, a Roth 401K calculator, and a Roth IRA Calculator. With the answers just a few clicks away there is no longer any reason to procrastinate when it comes to preparing for the future. Instead, use your retirement calculators so that you can start to get your retirement savings and retirement investing into proper shape.

Retirement Income Calculator

Retirement Income planning
Time for Retirement Income planning?

The second type of Retirement Calculator is the Retirement Income Calculator which offers its own plethora of useful functions. For instance, you can use the Retirement Calculator to help figure out how long you could survive with a fixed amount of money removed from the retirement fun on a monthly basis. This will allow you to see if your retirement savings plan will be sufficient or not for your eventual retirement based on an estimated length of time decided upon by you.

The handy Retirement Income Calculator also allows you to calculate the monthly withdrawals or the required capital that you would need to make your plan a reality which is helpful when planning out you retirement investment plan. After all, in order to choose and build the right type of retirement savings plan you need to have a base idea of the overall amount you will need in your golden years with inflation factored into the equation.

Savings Calculator

Fund Savings Calculator

fund savings Calculator chart
Fund Savings Calculator

The fund savings calculator allows you to predict your needed savings plan investment by placing parameters around the fund savings plan that you have in mind. Among the parameters that you can set with the fund savings calculator are the performance of the fund, monthly payments, investment period, and volatility of the fund, front-end sales, fund type, taxes on dividends, and the account fee. Thus, the financial fund savings calculator allows you to see if your retirement savings plan will behave according to your expectations.

Fixed Term Interest Calculator

For those that are interested in individual savings plans to supplement their work retirement savings accounts or other commissioned retirement investing accounts, the interest calculator is a great tool for predicting and planning personal retirement investing plans and estimation of pension annuities.

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